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Just hit the subscribe button already, but if you need some coercing, here are some good reasons for you:

1. All the action in crypto happens on Twitter

Twitter is the modern-day watering hole or salon (see 18th century France) where the world’s greatest minds come to share ideas, announcements, and dank memes. There is no place like it.

Just a few examples of things that go down on Twitter:

  • Paul Graham suggesting that non-profit directors are all probably psychopaths

  • Snoop Dogg deciding to do a collab with Calm meditation app

  • VC analysts summarizing S1s with emojis

  • Naval Ravikant sharing wisdom as insightful as HH the Dali Lama on the reg

2. You’re missing out (FOMO)

Everyone tells you constantly that you NEED to get on Twitter. Let’s make no mistake here, you NEED to get on Twitter. Seriously.

That said, you won’t get on Twitter. I get it.

3. Don’t miss out

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